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September 15, 2023

Real Devices - Require Sauce Connect Proxy Support

Exciting news! You can now enhance the security of your testing by enforcing Sauce Connect Proxy on real devices. Simply enable it in your organization’s admin settings by selecting “Require Sauce Connect Proxy” in the Organization Settings. Sauce Connect Proxy provides a secure connection between the Sauce Labs cloud and apps under test that are typically behind a firewall or on a local machine.

When this option is set to Enabled:

  • All network traffic from virtual platforms (real devices, browsers, emulators, and simulators) MUST go through a Sauce Connect Proxy or IPSec VPN tunnel.
  • No network traffic can occur outside the tunnel, unless intentionally directed by the user (i.e., exceptions for specific domains can be made with certain Sauce Connect Proxy commands).
  • If no Sauce Connect Proxy or IPSec VPN tunnels are available, all tests on real devices, virtual browsers, emulators, and simulators will fail.

This feature is disabled by default.

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